From a tender age, have always had a thing for information in writing. I read information as if it speaks to me in my mind, like as if tho the book is telling me what i don’t know which in a nutshell is the power of information.

Growing up the learning process evolved. From books i came to realize that information is everywhere in different forms.

I came to realize how authors came up with the books they write (they learned from another source of information)

It built my thinking and adaptive process and it’s still building till death do me part from learning.

In 2010, i joined a network service providing company. I had no position or working experience at the time so i was  just a pair of extra hands.

I worked with the network Engineers and learned a great deal from them.

We were locally into installation/maintenance of  UN-licensed radios and network nodes transmitting thru SAT 3 and Glo 1 submarine cable out of the country.

Glo 1

It marked the beginning of my life-long journey in networking.

It brought me to this point of writing on the world wide web and just like every learner out there, the learning continues.

Everyday was enlightening as we worked in different organizations and locations together.

In 2014, i joined Ericsson under Airtel Nigeria Ibadan. The experience unveiled another form of Networking (Mobile service providing).

I worked with the 2G transmission team on several sites. We were mostly installing, configuring and maintaining nodes on the network for mobile services.

The experience was interesting. We were always on the move, a new development to install, issues to troubleshoot and resolve, new service to setup. It was an exposing experience.


Working with both network service providing companies, i developed a deep passion for networking.

The goal of Network Machine is to transmit network device insight on the world wide web to everyone.

Implementing the capability of this devices and keeping up with current developments is how multinational organizations survive.

To be honest, writing on Network machine is how i share current information and keep my mind running in my spare time.

Be rest assured of the information you acquire here.


My word is my bond,

Network Machine Admin

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